Large Enough to Count, Small Enough to Care

Whether you are importing or exporting, you need a company that you can depend on.

There is no job too big or too small for us to handle.

Every Consignment is treated with the most attention.

About Us

Caspian Freight cc was opened in May 1996 by its founding member Boyd Naidoo. Boyd’s experience in Clearing & Forwarding started at the young age of 18 with his 1st job at Freight Services Ltd, thereafter he moved on to Carlton Container Services in Johannesburg mainly focusing on Exports. Boyd excelled in his field and after 8 years at Carlton Containers he moved on to another company, a wire & steel manufacturer called Cape Gate Pty Ltd. Boyd was now the Shipping Manager in their Export & Import department. This job basically laid the foundation of Boyd’s vast knowledge in the Exporting & Importing of Wire & Steel.

This job also fuelled the ambition Boyd had always had to open his own Clearing & Forwarding Company. After 15 years with Cape Gate Boyd set out to open his own company – Caspian Freight – confident that he had gained the knowledge & expertise he would need to navigate the shipping field, he had also gained many contacts & built relationships with many companies in the wire & steel manufacturing trade.

The Company grew from a humble beginning to where it is today…

Sadly Boyd passed away on 5th March 2021 due to complications from contracting Covid Phenomena.

This has always been a Family Business, Boyd’s 3 children, nephews and staff will continue to grow the Company he worked so hard to create.

We have 2 offices servicing some of the Largest Manufacturers & Exporters of Wire & Steel in South Africa.

The offices are situated in Johannesburg & Durban with Johannesburg serving as the head office, both offices run all export & import operations & we also have expanded into Caspian Freight Transport and now run a fleet of 10 long distance tri-axle trucks from Durban to Johannesburg & vice versa.

Transport operations are run ex Caspian Freight Durban. Both offices handle all aspects of export & import documentation.

We have also built up & maintain a good relationship with the various shipping lines & transport companies across South Africa, thus offering our clients the most competitive rates in today’s market.

Our goal is to always make sure the client felt of utmost importance to us no matter what size the company would grow to, the satisfaction & needs of our customers are our top priority!

There is no job too big or too small for Caspian Freight to handle.

Large Enough to Count, Small Enough to Care…